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Seq.# LastName First+In Rank Regtl# Caslty Remarks
69 Balox C. Pte L-103420 WIA 12Oct44 On Names, no tos date
78 Barrett C. Pte G-32975 WIA 28Jul44 CMHQ list
79 Barrett K.W. Pte K-40969 WIA 29Aug44 CMHQ list
205 Bryson Thomas Sgt L-2597 WIA 29Aug44 Sgt on t.o.s. NAMES, Pte on list.
227 Burnham A.G. Lieut ******* WIA 03Oct44 Brasschaet,DOW 4Oct44. NOT on Names.
234 Butts C.A.R. Pte L-12213 WIA 08Aug44 Not on cas sheets. Orig SSR
252 Cameron-Coen Martin S.C. Pte K-2604 KIA 26Oct44 Name in error on Off. Records. Confirmed by family
282 Carswell Robert L. Pte L-13198 KIA 12Sep44 Not fnd. Carswell, that Regtl. No KIA Dieppe! Another person??
299 Chandler W.M. Cpl L-123871 WIA 03Mar45 Not in list. Correct Regtl #?
305 Charters W.J. Pte B-37714 WIA 03Mar45 t.o.s. 02Sep44
325 Clark T.W. Pte L-12821 WIA 20Dec44
334 Clevenger Gene T Pte A-108506 WIA 30Jul44 NOT listed
343 Coen Martin S.C. Pte K-2604 KIA 26Oct44 Also shown as Cameron-Coen, his correct name.
423 Davies Robert Pte L-12160 WIA 19Aug42
448 Deiter Robert M. Pte L-13541 WIA 20Jul44 First yearSSR. NOT on Cas List. Sp?
464 Destoop Valere E. Pte H-70525 WA1 20Jul44 WIA2 28Aug44
493 Dorward Henry D. A/Sgt L-154047 WIA2 20Mar45 DOW 08Apr45, Bramshot Mil Hosp.
505 Drese S.J. Pte B-38082 WIA 31Mar45 NOT on NAMES
519 Dunning C. Pte H-14149 WIA 25Jul44 t.o.s. 24Jul44. H-14149?
536 Edunson Arthur J. Capt. ******** WIA 19Aug42?
547 Elliott Ernest H. Pte B-52343 WIA 09Aug44 NOT in NAMES. Sp?? CMHQ list.
556 Emperingham Eric E. L/Cpl L-27596 BCI 03Mar45 NOT on Cas List. My driver! I observed.
568 Erickson A.G. Pte L-86655 WIA 28Aug44 Errors in initials. Amend #3 Shown W.A.
573 Ervick C. Pte H-10248 WIA 26Jul44 CMHQ Addendum  tos 18Jun43
614 Flaig Abed Pte L-22233 POW 27Aug44 Shown NAMES as Falig. T.o.s. 1Aug42! NOT fnd. N. Roll #4
19 Fleming T.E. Pte C-92198 WIA 11Sep44 CMHQ Add tos 1Sep44
621 Florchuk P. Pte M-38479 WIA 26Jul44 CMHQ Add tos 23Apr43. On UK/Fr Roll
623 Foley E.T. Pte C-121589 WIA 29Aug44 CMHQ Add. Tos 24Jul44
638 Forsythe Earl Pte L-12269 WIA 20Jul44 POW that day CMHQ list
697 Glaspey M.L. Pte L-12477 WIA 16Sep44 Orig. SSR
706 Gollon T.F. Pte L-105971 WIA 29Jul44 t.o.s. 07Apr44? Not on Nom roll #4
707 Goodfellow G.J. Pte B-137554 WIA 29Aug44 t.o.s. 24Jul44. B-137554? Or L-?
726 Grant David C. CQMS C-53095 WIA 10Aug44 Not in Names. SSR??
754 Grolla Ernest W. Pte L-86952 WIA1 01Aug44 WIA2 17Sep44
'757 Groves Stanley E. Pte WIA 15Jul44 Not likely, see date.
837 Hayden David Pte L-36945 WIA 07Aug44 NOT on sheets t.o.s. 26Jan45. Return from wounding?
849 Henderson W.S. Lieut ******** WIA 08Aug44 ??
927 Hutchinson Alexander Pte M-60480 WIA 20Dec44 Also 31Mar45. Sp??
942 Isbister E.L. Pte L-27519 WIA 28Apr45 Not on sheets. T.o.s. 07Aug44.
943 Jabusch George R. L/Cpl L-84638 WIA 14Aug44 POW, Rel
1144 Legere Joseph F. Pte G-32723 WIA 14Aug44 DOW later
1173 Liszczynski Antoni Pte B-22553 WIA 26Oct44 Prev. spelled Leszcynski
1207 Mac Isaac John L. Cpl L-86901 WIA 19Aug42  WIA2 20Jul44
1209 MacDermott Michael J. Pte B-88202 WIA 31Mar45 DOW 5Aug45, Kilgobbin, Ireland. Sp? MacD?
1212 MacDonald D.R. Pte L-12197 WIA 30Jul44 Orig. SSR On SSR2.1
1216 MacFadzen Willis M Pte G-1200 WIA1 25Aug44 WIA2 11Dec44
1283 Maubert  MM Raymond J. Cpl M-65965 WIA1 13Dec44
1285 Maule Peter T. Cpl P-7521 WIA1 21Jul44 Returned to duty after treatment
1288 Maxwell Victor P. Lieut ******** WIA1 22Aug44 WIA2 02May45, last Officer wounded.
1317 McDonald M.H. Pte B-46441 WIA 30Jul44 In NAMES as MacDonald t.o.s. 22Jul44
1327 McGillivray W.S Pte F-9498 WIA 29Aug44 t.o.s. 23Jul44. MacGillivary correct spelling? (Yes)
1330 McIntosh R.E. Pte F-16737 WIA 25Jul44 t.o.s. 05Sep44. Return from wound?
1391 Mickler Peter A. Pte L-65532 WIA1 28Jul44 WIA2 and 3 later
1396 Mierow Marshall L. Pte L-105609 WIA 28Feb45 Last t.o.s. 21Apr45, post wound
1471 Muth Ervin Pte H-1333 WIA 12Sep44 t.o.s. 02Sep44. KIA 13Jan45.  Irvin, Ervin, Irwin?
1484  Nesbitt G.E. Lieut ******** WIA 01Mar45 Hochwald Gap Listed in SSR Names
1493 Nieviadomy Frank M.  Pte L-12140 WIA 20Jul44 On official list.
1494 Nieviadomy Frank M.  Pte L-12140 WIA 31Jul44 On our list. Both?
1524 Odjick Basil A. Pte C-52889 KIA 28Aug44 SSR or RRC?
1541 Osmond John C. Pte B-158261 WIA1 20Jul44 Also WIA2 20Dec44 tos 25Nov44, post wound?
1585 Penman David G. Pte B-74741 WIA2 24Mar45
1589 Perkins Herbert B. Pte B-112114 WIA 22Sep44 Date?? We were in Contich 22Sep44.
1595 Pfeifer Arthur J Pte H-102829 WIA 08Oct44 t.o.s. 01Apr44.?? NOT on Nom roll #4? Sp?
1608 Pinkerton Elliott R. L/Sgt B-76973 WIA 31Oct44 tos 1Sep44 (Dieppe parade, remember?)
1693 Rielly Albert J. Pte L-107211 WIA 28Aug44 tos 07Aug44 We had him as Reilly
1700 Robb K.C. Pte C-28283 KIA? 28Aug44 Not Found CWGC registry WIA?? Just lost??
1725 Rosen Lorne L Pte L-106481 WIA1 27Aug44 We had Rosel from prev lists
1751 Ryerse Robert E. Pte M-45155 WIA 16Oct44 On off. List. Sp?? Tos 18Sep44
1780 Scheibelbein J. Pte M-39536 WIA 28Aug44 t.o.s. 23Jul44. Name mis-spelled all over.
1787 Schiller F.A. Pte L-66030 WIA1 19Aug42 WIA2 26Jul44
1820 Shavliuk William L/Cpl L-13738 WIA 14Aug44 Should be as spelled here. My platoon as Sgt. Often mis-spelled.
1821 Shaw Donald Lieut ******** WIA2 08Aug44 WIA3 26Oct44 Was he at Dieppe? As what?
1879 Snell C.A.R. Pte L-86929 WIA 26Aug44 tos 4May45. After wound??
1886 Sorenson M.L. Pte L-107301 POW date?? t.o.s. 01Nov44
1889 Souvie Alexander B. Pte L-86692 WIA 20Jul44 Off. List  KIA our list. DOW UK?? On nom roll #4
2123 Wentzell K.L. Pte L-12601 WIA 27Sep44 Not on off. List but orig. SSR (Names)
2135 White W. Pte L-12238 WIA 19Aug42 POW. No mention of release.
These "anomalies" may require modification on the advice of other members of the "panel" of editors.
But I have noted as many of the records as possible, and tried to make what appeared to be the best decision.
My additions and changes are in bold red, the original material in black normal. In photo copies,
the red will become black bold. Some dates had to be changed to become all red, because I could not
get a single red digit to work. I checked the names of potentially non-SSR personnel with the various
nominal rolls. Sometimes a soldier from another province had been with the SSR since the earliest days
and were on the Estevan nominal roll. The Nominal Roll UK/France was also valuable. "The file "NAMES"
was also useful for the t.o.s.dates there, but I would like to see any lists of t.o.s. and s.o.s. Klaas has
called this "date of enlistment", but it is really the last, or latest t.o.s. So a man returning from a wound
would appear to have a much later date of t.o.s. than expected. It is also clear that a mass assignment
of non Saskatchewan boys was made by the harrassed reinforcement units after the very heavy casualties
in July, August, September and October. The odd looking regimental numbers of that time also indicate
that other arms were being re-mustered. Of course we had no knowledge of their training or background
except as we observed it. The above is the list, a rather long one. Note that I don't know where the t.o.s.
dates originated from. I would like to see any such lists.
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