History of the SSR

Weyburn Review 8 May 1985

The South Saskatchewan Regiment originated on July 3, 1905, when a regiment of infantry subsequently designated the 95th Regiment was authorized in the districts of Assiniboia and Saskatchewan.
It became a rifle regiment on May 1, 1908, and was redesignated the 95th Saskatchewan Rifles on June 1, 1909. On April 1, 1912, it was reorganized into two seperate regiments, designated the 105th Regiment and the 95th Regiment, which was redesignated the 95th Saskatchewan Rifles about September, 1913.
On March 15, 1920, it was amalgamated with the 60th Rifles of Canada and redesignated the South Saskatchewan Regiment. On May 15, 1924, the South Saskatchewan Regiment was reorganized into five regiments, the Regina Rifle Regiment, the Assiniboia Regiment, the South Saskatchewan Regiment, the Weyburn Regiment, and the Saskatchewan Border Regiment.
On December 15, 1936, the Weyburn Regiment and the Saskatcheawn Border Regiment were amalgamated and redesignated the South Saskatchewan Regiment.

In the First World War, details of the 60th Rifles of Canada and the 95th Saskatchewan Rifles were placed on active service on August 6, 1914, for local protective duty. Both regiments contributed to the 11th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF), on its formation in September, 1914. They later recruited for the 28th, 46th, 68th, 128th, 152nd, and 195th Battalions, CEF. The 152nd Battalion provided reinforcements for the Canadian Corps in the field.
In the Second World War, the Regiment mobilized the South Saskatchewan Regiment, CASF, on September 1, 1939. This unit embarked for the United Kingdom on December 16, 1940.
The regiment participated in the raid on Dieppe on August 19, 1942, and its commanding officer, Lt. Col. C. C. I. Merritt, won the Victorian Cross on that day.
On July 8, 1944, it landed in Normandy as a unit of the Sixth Infantry Brigade, Second Canadian Infantry Division. The active unit was disbanded on December 15, 1945. A second battalion served in the Reserve Army.
First World War Battle Honors for the regiment were Arras, 1917, and Hill 70.
Second World War Battle Honors were Dieppe, Bourguebus Ridge, St. Andre-sur-Orne, Falaise, Falaise Road, the Laison, Foret de la Londe, Dunkirk, 1944, Antwerp-Turnhout Canal, The Scheldt, Woensdrecht, South Beveland, The Rhineland, The Hochwald, Xanten, The Rhine, Groningen, Oldenburg, North-West Europe, 1942, and 1944-45.
The Regimental March was "Warwickshire Lads."

History of the South Sask. Reg't
Sep 1939 to Nov 1945


1 Sep 39
Lt-Col J.E. Wright received a phone call from Brigadier Russell, District Commanding Officer M.D. 12 Regina, ordering him to mobilize the South Saskatchewan Reg't. Lt-Co. Wright phoned all Officers to meet in the Legion Hall Weyburn at 1500 hrs 1 Sep 39.
2 Sep 39
The International Harvester Building was taken over as barracks and Battalion Headquarters. The Legion Hall was to be used as Officers Mess and recruiting commenced immediately.

The following officers were taken on strength and swore allegiance to His Majesty:
Lt.-Col. J. E. Wright
Maj. E.R. Osler
Maj. M.C.
Maj. H. T. Kempton
Maj. J.E. McRae
Maj. D. C. Orme
Capt. E. W. White
Lieut. R.L. Stephenson
Capt. G. R. Matthews
Capt. F. H. McDougall
Capt. C. W. Steele
Capt. J. R. Mather
Capt. T.M. Osten
Lieut. N. A. Adams
Lieut. A. D. Devine
Lieut. R. J. Wilkinson
Lieut. M. E. Gray
Lieut. A. C. Bannatyne
Lieut. J. L. Hart
Lieut. R. S. Wells

Among the first NCO's and men to enlist were:
L-12001 Robertson, C.
L-12002 Briggs, T. H.
L-12003 Partridge, C. N.
L-12004 Mitchell, R. J.
L-12005 Symons, C. C.
L-12006 Rose, J.
L-12007 Watchman, J.
L-12008 Turner, K. L.
L-12009 Michie, N. R.
L-12010 Cunningham, W. G.
L-12011 McDonald, J. A.
L-12012 Powers, E. J.
L-12013 Dunkerly, E. A.
L-12014 Charnell, W. A.
L-12015 Smith, C. E.
L-12016 Smith, B. H.
L-12017 Lane, W. G. A.
L-12018 England, L. L.
L-12019 Glew, H. A.
L-12020 Smith, D. K.
L-12021 Greer, L. N.
L-12022 Osborn, H. A.
L-12023 Campbell, I. W.
L-12024 Matthews, J. W.
L-12025 Heinz, J.
L-12026 Mather, F.
L-12026 Martin, A. R.
L-12028 Bell, L.
L-12029 Skoberg, C. A.
L-12030 Kercher, E. R.
L-12031 Purvis, D. E.
L-12032 Dean, J. E.
L-12033 Winn, J. T.
L-12034 McDonald, J.
L-12035 Edmondson, F. R. S.
L-12036 MacKay, E. M.
L-12037 Dalziel, E. E.
L-12038 Jewell, E. D.
L-12039 Dalziel, R. L.
L-12040 Conn, V. H.
L-12041 Nesbitt, I. C.
L-12042 Moore, H. B.
L-12043 Huggat, J.
L-12044 Hill, W. N.
L-12045 Teague, E. G.
L-12046 Clark, G. W.
L-12047 Winn, A.
L-12048 Britton, E. G.
L-12049 Wanner, P.
L-12050 Hill, E. R.
L-12051 Rogers, C.R.

    Many hours were spend on the Parade Square south west of the barrack, RSM Strumm's voice could be heard over a large area of Weyburn.
  27 May 40 The Battalion was ordered to proceed to Camp Shilo Man. to join the rest of the 6th Canadian Infantry Brigade. At that time Shilo was a sea of tents.
Shilo 17 Oct 40 The Bn. left Shilo for Toronto on the first leg of the journey overseas. The Barracks proved to be the Horse Palace at Cdn. National Exhibition Grounds.
Toronto 16 Dec 40 At 0800 Hrs the Bn. set sail on the "Pennland" for the final trip to England.The voyage was rough and many a man was sea sick. (Later the Pennland was sunk off the Italian Coast)

Gourick Scotland 25 Dec 40 The Bn. landed and moved by train for the Southern part of England.
Cove Hants England 26 Dec 40 The Bn. was stationed in Morval Barracks. While here many a mile was covered by foot and many hours spent on the Parade Square.
Seaford Sussex 2 July 41 The Bn. moved to this coastal town and done Coastal Guard.
Hartley Camp 13 Aug 41 This camp was better known as "Hog-Hollow" as it consisted of rain and mud.
Seaford Oct 41 The Battle Stations were again taken over by the S.S.R.
Lewes 5 Dec 41 The Bn. moved here in defensive positions to counter possible invasion on the South coast. It was in this area while digging new slit trenches, that three skeltons were uncovered which were supposedley buried during the Battle of Lewes in 1264. Before the English authorities could retrieve and preserve the ancient relics, parts of the teeth and skeleton had been distributed as souvenirs.
Cowes, Isle of Weight 18 May 42 Rugged assault training started immediately which consisted of forced speed marches, Cliff and wall climbing, unarmed combat, breeching wire obstacles, street fighting, night compass work, and countless hours of practising landings from A.L.C.s. The two landing ships alotted to SSR were the "Princess Beatrix" and the "Prince Albert".
Toat Hill 1 Aug 41 This was near Pullborough. Most men went on a well earned leave.


18 Aug 42 Bn. boarded two ships, the "Princess Beatrix" & the "Invicta".
Dieppe 19 Aug 42

Bn. was included in the "Dieppe Raid" where casualties were high. A total of 19 Offrs and 321 ORs were casualties.

Killed: 3 Offrs, 81 ORs

Wounded: 7 Offrs, 160 ORs

POWs: 9 Offrs, 80 ORs.

24 Wounded among the POWs.

  Aug 42 to Jul 44 Many exercises held including "Flag" which was the presentation of the Colours to the Bn. by His Majesty the King.
Courseulles France 7&8 Jul 44 Marchin personnel landed 7 Jul. Bn. landed 8 Jul.
Ryes 9 Jul 44 Concentration area.
Rots 11 Jul 44 Assemby Area.
Mercelet 12 Jul 44 Third line defence. Lt-Col Clift took over Command 4 Cdn Inf Brigade. Major G.R. Mathews A/CO, S.S.R.
CAEN 10 July 44 Assembley Area
Ifs 20 July 44 Bn's Fidt battle. Casualties 8 Offrs and 56 ORs killed including Major G.R. Mathews, A/CO. 5 Offrs and 121 ORs wounded, 4 missing and 27 POW.
Lavillenures 21 July 44 Re-organized. Major N.A. Adams A/CO.
Ifs 23 July 44 Defensive Posn. Moaning Minnies. Major WS Edmondson A/CO. Lt Col Clift returned 2 Offrs 19 ORs killed. 6 Offrs & 77 ORs wounded.
Verriers 4 Aug 44 Defensive posn (Hell's Corner) 3 Offrs and 11 ORs killed, 2 Offrs & 25 ORs wounded.
Rocquancourt 7 Aug 44 SSR attacked at 2330 hours. Consolidated 8 Aug. Put in attack to relieve Cam. of C. and took over 400 prisoners. Found many bodies of personnel missing on 23 Jul 44. 1 Offr, 14 ORs killed, 3 Offrs, 39 ORs wounded.
Urville 12 Aug 44 Took over defensive posn from S&DGs
LeMesral 13 Aug 44 Took up posn 5 Bde consolidated. 3 ORs wounded.
Clair Tiyon 14 Aug 44 Attacked and took German Hospital. Counter attacked. 1 Off & 25 ORs killed. 3 Offrs & 27 ORs wounded. 2 Offrs & 1 OR missing.
Ussy 15 Aug 44 Went through and cleared.
Villers Canivent 15 Aug 44 Taken by S.S.R. 4 Bde & Tks went through in evening.
Falaise 16 Aug 44 SSR attacked and cleared. Tks in support. Cam of C on right flank. 16 ORs killed. 5 Offrs & 21 ORs wounded.
Causey 19 Aug 44 Took over SDGs. 4 ORs wounded.
Orbec 23 Aug 44 Taken by SSR. Lt Col F. A. Clift promoted to Brig in Comd 6 Bde. Major FB Courtney took over Comd SSR. FFI Caves. 2 ORs killed 1 Offr & 22 ORs wounded.
Brione 24 Aug 44 Taken by SSR. Bombed by Jerry during night. Blew in windows of Chateau where BHQ was located. Dropped AP bomb which exploded at 0630 hrs 25 Aug 44. Made hole 60 ft wide & 20 ft deep. 1 Offr & 1 OR killed. 2 ORs wounded.
Foret De La Londe 27 Aug 44 Attacked through forest. C.Coy Pl. cut off Lt. Schubert tak POW, Major Courtney & Capt Hadley killed by mine. Brig F.A. Clift wounded. Coy Strengths very low. Major E.W. Thomas C/O. 8 Offrs Incl. Major Courtney & Capt. Hadley and 35 ORs Killed. 10 Offrs & 135 ORs wounded. 1 Offr & 4 ORs taken PW & 1 Off & 5 ORs escaped from their German Captors.
Rouen 31 Aug 44 Moved in behind Recce. First good break for SSR. Coys all travelled on F Ech vehicles. No German.
Dieppe 1 Sep 44 SSR returned after 2 years 13 days. Memorial Parade. March Past. Major G.B. Buchanan C/O.
Wailley Beaumont 5 Sep 44 Assembly Area
Louches 6 Sep 44 Arrived after travelling a day & a night. Rained hard. Vehicles lost in ditch. Went up winding hill. Rested.
Hondshoote 8 Sep 44 F & A Ech seperated. F going to Neuport.



8 Sep 44 Taken night 8/9 Sep 44 by SSR with help of Belgium White Brigade. Good Welcome. 5 ORs killed. 2 Offs and 17 ORs wounded.
Neuport Bains Fort 13 Sep 44 Fort surrendered officially at 0830 hours. Total PW taken 8 Offrs 270 ORs.
Bray Dunes Plage 13 Sep 44 Helped C of C. Hard fighting. Lots of mines. Lt-Col BR Ritchie took over as C/O. 3 Offrs & 17 ORs killed. 60 ORs wounded.
Contich 19 Sep 44 Rest area. The best. Gals??? 19-22 Sep44 new C/O Lt-Col V. Stott
Job Int Goor 23 Sep 44 Cross canal from Lochtenberg, Canal crossing and withdrawal. Major HP Williams killed.
  24 Sep 44 Moved to Assembly area south of canal south of Brecht. Major J.M. Stewart killed by Snipers during move 29 Sep 44. 5 Offrs incl. Major Williams & Stewart & 12 ORs killed. 1 Offr & 36 ORs wounded. 1 OR missing. 5 PRs POW.
Lochtenberg 2 Oct 44 Taken by SSR. 1 OR killed. 3 Offrs & 16 ORs wounded.
Brasschaet 3 Oct 44 Taken by SSR at 1800 hrs. Town put up posters. 3 ORs killed & 4 wounded.


4 Oct 44 Took over Def. posn from RHC (Black Watch) 1 Offr & 1 OR killed. 10 ORs wounded.


Groot Meer

9 Oct 44 Came under comd 4 Bde. Took up position on right flank 10 Oct 44. A Coy surrounded & relieved. Maj. KA Williams taken prisoner but escaped. 8 ORs killed. 1 Offr & 44 ORs wounded.
Hoogerhyde 14 Oct 44 Defensive Position. 17 ORs killed. 3 Offrs & 34 ORs wounded. 9 ORs PW.
  23 Oct 44 Attacked north from Hoogerhyde. Jerries moved out night 23/24 OCt 44. 24 Oct moved back to Hoogerhyde. Rested. 1 Offr & 4 ORs killed. 1 Offr & 25 ORs wounded, 1 OR missing.
Zuid Beveland 25 Oct 44 Bn. moved to peninsula.
  26 Oct 44 Bn. releived Essex Scotish. Brig C. Gouvrea & Bde I.O. wounded when jeep hit a mine. Lt-Col Thompson A/Bde Comd. 5 ORs killed and 1 Offr & 7 ORs wounded.
Zuid Beverland Canal 27 Oct 44 Bn. reached canal during morning. During night 27/28 Oct Bn crossed canal and estevalished first bridgehead.
Schore 28 Oct 44 Taken by SSR during early morning. F Ech. vehicles moved over canal and 4 Bde went through. 27/28 Oct 44. 4 ORs killed and 13 ORs wounded.
Oostdijk 28 Oct 44  
Biezelinge 29 Oct 44 Bn HQ & Fl crossed canal.
Gravenpolder 29 Oct 44 Relieved 5 Bde who pushed on
Nisse 30 Oct 44 Rested. A Ech. moved up to Bn. Received word peninsula clear. 1 OR wounded.



1 Nov 44 Rested. Left 8 Nov 44
Antwerp 8 Nov 44 Passed through.
Turnhout 8 Nov 44 Passed through.



9 Nov 44 Passed through.
Shertogenbosch 9 Nov 44 Passed through.
Mook 9 Nov 44 Reichwald. 6 Bde releived 214 Br. Inf Bde. Interchanged with Fus M.R. and Cam of C on front line duty. Front line approx 1400 yards from Germany. 7 ORs killed. 33 ORs wounded. 2 ORs missing & 4 ORs PW.
  1 Dec 44 Announced that CSM Smith JA and Cpl Mitchell WJA had been awarded Military Medal. Cpl Mitchell was awarded the Military Medal posthumously.
Malden 1 Dec 44 6 Bde moved to Div. reserve. SSR in Malden.
Groesbeek 8 Dec 44 Defensive position. Relieved Calgary Highrs. D Coy put in an attack on German positions. 1 Offr & 10 ORs killed, 3 Offrs & 27 ORs wounded.
Cuijk 23 Dec 44 6 Bde on Div. Reserve. Bns 5th Xmas overseas.
Driehuizen 29 Dec 44 SSR in Corps reserve. Held Bn dance. Spent New Years Eve here. Bns casualties since landing in Europe. 101 Offrs & 1554 ORs. Total 1655 in all ranks.
Nijmegan 6 Jan 45 Consolidation area.
Mook 11 Jan 45 Relieved Calgary Highrs in front of Reichwald Forest. Lots of rain and mud. 11 ORs killed. 1 Offr & 27 ORs wounded. 2 ORs missing.
  8 Feb 45 Assault on Siegried line launched by 30 Br. Corps.
Nijmegan 14 Feb 45 Consolidation area.



17 Feb 45 Bn. crossed German border at 1355 hrs.
Honnigserg 18 Feb 45 Assembly area.
Calcar Heights 26 Feb 45 The PIMPLE taken by SSR with use of Kangaroos. 1 Offr & 7 ORs killed, 17 ORs wounded.
Kiresel 27 Feb 45 Rest area. Lt-Col Stott became A/Comd. 6 Cdn Inf Bde. Maj G.B. Buchanan A/Com SSR
The Gap-Hockwald 1 Mar 45 Relieved Lincoln & Welland Reg't. Moaning Minnies. Allied Rocket Projectors. 5 ORs wounded.
Hockwald Forest 3 Mar 45 6 Bde had task of clearing forest, SSR took first bite. 1 Offr & 11 ORs killed. 1 Offr & 31 ORs wounded.
Near Xanten 5 Mar 45 Took up defensive posn 1 mile from Xanten. 2 ORs killed & 4 ORs wounded.
  8 Mar 45 Battle for Xanten started. SSR came under Comd. of 5 Bde. 5 ORs wounded.
  9 Mar 45 Maj. Buchanan wounded. Maj. F. Lee took over Comd. of Bn. 1 Offr & 5 ORs killed. 3 Offrs & 11 ORs wounded.
  10 Mar 45 SSR relieved Calgary Highrs. Lt-Col. Stott returned to Bn.
Kellen 13 Mar 45 Bn. rest area. Some shells, Cleared civilians from Rhine.
Reichwald 19 Mar 45 Rest area. Brig JV Allard DSO & Bar took over Comd 6 Cdn Inf. Bde. Lt-Col V. Stott awarded DSO. CSM Allan awarded DCM. Rhine crossed by 21 Army Grp on 24 Mar 45. Announced Lt-Col FA Clift recieved DSO, 1 OR wounded (Schumine)
Rhine River 28 Mar 45 Bn crossed over "Black Friars" bridge at 2140 hrs.
Bienen 29 Mar 45 Arrived at 0010 hrs. Conc. area.



29 Mar 45 Assembly area.
Gendreingen 31 Mar 45 Short battles. 2 ORs killed, 1 Offr & 22 ORs wounded.
Terborg 2 Apr 45 Short battles.
Schipbeek Canal 7 Apr 45 Crossed at 0320 hrs. 1 Offr & 8 ORs killed, 2 Offrs & 25 ORs wounded, 7 to 11 Apr 45.
Oranje Canal 12 Apr 45 Crossed at 0730 hrs, Jewish Concentration Camp. 1 Offr & 4 ORs wounded.
Groningen 15 Apr 45 SSR cleared SW corner. Liquor - Civilians. 1 OR wounded.
Zuidwolde 17 Apr 45 Rest area. Bn dance.



21 Apr 45 Conc. area
Sandhatten 23 Apr 45 SSR too and consolidated. A Echelon ammunition dump hit by shell. Blew up. 11 Offrs & 25 ORs wounded. 2 Offrs & 2 ORs killed.
Oldenburg Forest 2 May 45 Cleared by 6 Bde. 1 Offr & 1 OR wounded. (Lt. VP Maxwell & Sgt JH Forsythe)
Oldenburg 3 May 45 Burgomaster surrendered city. Largest German city taken by First Cdn. Army.

Casualties to date:

41 Offrs 322 ORs Killed
63 Offrs 983 ORs Wounded
2 Offrs 12 ORs Missing
1 Offrs 49 ORs POW
107 Offrs 1366 ORs Total Battle Casualties
19 Offrs 622 ORs Other Casualties
126 Offrs 1988 ORs Total Casualties


  5 May 45 Lt-Col C.C.I. Merritt VC visited unit.
Ofen 6 May 45 Personnel requirements made up. Offrs & Sgts. mess set up.
German airport 11 May 45 Checked ammn dumps & displaced personnel.
Aurich 17 May 45 Ammn dumps. Displaced personnel, Guards on Ems Jade Canal
  28 May 45 Gen. HGD Creerer, CB, DSO, GOC 1st Cdn Army visited Bn HQ.
  30 May 45 Lt-Gen. GG Simonds, CB, CBE, DSO, Inspected 6 Cdn Bde.
  May 45 Bn. done occupational duties. No Fraternizing. Shortly before moving from here a group went to Dieppe to help celebrate 19 Aug. A big welcome was on hand.
  Jul 45 Bn. moved to Ammersford Holland on its first leg of the journey to Canada.
  1 Oct 45 Bn. arrived at Dover England and moved to #2 Repatriation Dept. at Sheffield Park. From here men scattered all over England to say good-bye to old friends and relatives.
  14 Nov 45 Copy of last Part II Orders issued reads "SSR reduced to NIL strength pending disbandment 14 Nov 45" Signed by Capt. E.H. Marriott. Adj. 1st st Bn. South Sask. Reg't.
  14 Nov 45 SSR boarded the "Queen Elizabeth" and set sail from Southampton at 0700hrs 15 Nov 45 for Canada.
  19 Nov 45 Landed in Halifax Canada at 1300 hrs.
  20 Nov 45 Bn. boarded special train on its last leg of the journey for Weyburn, Sask.
  24 Nov 45 Arrived in Weyburn, Sask. at 1030 hrs where a very large crowd welcomed all aboard.
The following men sailed from Halifax with the S.S.R. on the "Pennland" on 16 Dec 1940 and returned to Halifax on the "Queen Elizabeth" with the S.S.R. on 14 Nov 45.

  Lieut Dalziel J.A.
L-12389 Pte Eskdale W.J.
L-12499 Pte Johnson O.A.
L-12291 CQMS Mercier J.B.
L-12489 CSM MacPhail L.A.
L-12294 Sgt Piasetski J.C.
L-12005 Sgt Symons C.C.
L-12502 CSM Ward C.
L-12550 CSM Allan D.A.
L-12654 Sgt Fisher S.E.
L-12452 CSM Linton D.
L-13028 Sgt Mundy A.E.
H-6117 CQMS Pateman M.M.
L-12804 CSM Smallwood F.R.
L-17115 Sgt Symons G.A.
L-12666 Sgt Wetch J.






Prisoners of War
Escaped Prisoners of War    
Killed in Training