Submitted by Jesse Strong on Tuesday, 19Nov2019 10:29PM

Hi there!

My grandmother passed away a couple months back and since then I have been going through all of her paperwork etc. I found a couple scribbled handwritten notes about an Okrainetz (the name she took upon marrying her husband Willy) who served with the SSR. I came across your site and found one single photo of a box of patches and dog tag with the name Okrainetz. My mom said there was such a language barrier between her and her grandparents she was never able to ask the right questions. I was wondering if you might possibly pass my email address along to the person who submitted that one photo in Dec2015. I’d love to ask a couple questions and maybe see if there’s any more info or photos. Thanks so much for your help.

Attached is a photo of the box to refresh your memory.

Jesse Strong. mrjessestrong@gmail.com

The following items were submitted by a Saskatchewan citizen residing just west of Moose Jaw in 2015.