Etten, Holland - May, 2005

Contribution from Marc Aken.

Subjects: Captain H.A. Adams*, and the fate of private James Joseph Maloney (L108942)

Relatives of James Maloney at Etten, Holland, 2005. Photo by Cec Law.
On the left: Katie Maloney, Albert Maloney's daughter, Audrey Maloney (the white haired lady, Albert's wife) and finally Albert Maloney.

Sun 8/28/2005 8:25 AM

Dear Mr Salmers,

From May 6 till May 16 2005 I was the host of a Canadian family in our town Etten(Holland) they were here for the special rememberance days we had in our town (as you know from Mr. Gerard Poodt). In our home we have the family Maloney, Albert his wife Audrey, and their daughter Katie. We visit the grave of his brother James Joseph Maloney who died in Etten at March 31 1945. After the family Maloney went back to Canada, Katie send me a copy of a letter written by a former Captain of the South Saskatchewan Regiment to James' mother in Canada about what happened the day James died. The name of this man on the letter is Captain H.A. Adams from the A Company South Saskatchewan Regiment. He was Captain from the A Company during the last days of the war.

My question to you is:

Do you have any information for me or pictures in your possession from the South Saskatchewan Regiment with Captain H.A. Adams on it? Every information you have for me is welcome about the regiment during WW2 especially the time the war went over and the regiment is in Holland. Also information of Mr. N.A. Adams or James Joseph Maloney(L108942) is welcome. I did so many research work for the fallen Canadian soldiers in Etten so I have now a better idea what the Canadian soldiers did for us.

Please Mr. Salmers every information or pictures you have is welcome for my research work I have to do yet.

Including I send you a picture of our monument we build especially for the Canadian soldiers, with Mr. Albert Maloney my son and myself on it.

The very best to you and greatings from Holland. We wil never forget what your country and soldiers did for us.

P.S. If you have any question for me please ask me.

Marc van Aken.
Pelgrimstraat 52
7011 BL
0031-315 341 660.

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Captain N.A. Adams' letter to the mother of James Joseph Maloney

Submitted by Marc van Aken []

Sun 9/4/2005 3:27 PM

Dear gregory,

Thank you very much for your help to find out something about Captain H.A. Adams. Specially a picture with him on it was very nice to get from you. As you ask me I send you the letter Captain Adams wrote to James' mother after he died on March 31-1945.

SSR Officers at Dundurn, Saskatchewan, 1937. Captain H.A. Adams is middle row, far right.

We already translated this letter and is was very emotional to read for us.


Again thank you very much for your help.

Good by for now

Greetings from Holland

Marc van Aken.
Pelgrimstraat 52
7011 BL

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*Input by PT Maulé indicates Captain H.A. Adams, 2i/c "A" Company was the author of the letter to Mrs. Mona Maloney.

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