Pte. Jack A. Baldry - L 59652

Images submitted by Baldry family via Stan Baldry

The note on the back says "The 3 buddies in London. Broddie on the left, 'Archie' in the centre, and yours truly, too bad we couldn't put our hats on straight".

The note on the back of this picture says "Hockwald Forest along the Rhine River, Feb 6/45." By the way that date was his 39th birthday.

This picture was taken somewhere in Britain. It has a note on the back that says "This was taken on the doorstep of the stowey shop". I don't know what that means.

SB/gs 03 Oct 2005


Hi Gregory

I have just received a little bit of information about the photo you sent us. [Stowey Shop]

An older resident of the village thinks that the photo shows 2 of the soldiers who were manning the ACK-ACK gun at Crowcombe Park gate. She remembers her father saying he was sorry for the lads who manned the guns as it was a lonely spot, He gave them two brass instruments from the old Nether Stowey Band to help them relieve the monotony. The Photo she confirms was taken at the Post Office and was taken at the end of the war. Some of the soldiers were based at Brymore now a School near Cannington.

I don't know if this is of any use to you!