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Attached is a photo of the SSR officers with the King and Queen consort. I believe it was taken when the colours were presented to the regiment. I would like to know when this took place. On the back of the photo is written Maj J R Mather. My father in law Jack Mather went overseas as a Captain and I don't know how quickly he rose through the ranks but that would give a clue to the date. He is seated to the right of the King. I would appreciate it if you could advise me the name of the commanding officer at the time, was it Cecil Merritt? I cannot remember his rank. I am also curious as to the identity of the Padre, was it Rev. Doug Bayliss or was he with the Regina Rifles?

Obviously you have our permission to display this photo although I am sure you have copies of it in your collection. We would appreciate any information you can offer.

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Further to our emails Gary happened to have the list of all the people in the photo, I am forwarding his email and the attachment so you may have it as well.

Dave Bird

Transcription of list of names:

"Notes from Lt. Stewart Musgrave Carter, C Coy, SSR, dated 16 December 1943, regarding the photograph of SSR Officers taken at the Presentation of the Colours, 16 July 1943.

Rear Rank, (L - R)

1. Murray Stewart, (Now a Capt.), formerly of P.A.V.
2. Neville Hadley, (Lt) former P.A.V.
3. Colin Mowat (Lt) Gordon Head pal - now at some Headquarters
4. Schubert (Lt) - Came over with Regt as NCO
5. Cas Treleaven - Lt - former P.A.V.
6. Lou Greer - Lt - came over as NCO
7. Ted Colegate - Lt - Gorden Head at same time
8. Bob Pulley - Lt
9. Stewart Carter - Capt
10. Ned Clyde - Lt
11. Harry Williams - Capt - Gordon Head together
12. Sandy Berwick - Capt - one of the originals
13. Art Black - Lt - now at Brigade
14. Field - Lt - now at some Headquarters
15. Mac MacGough - Lt

Centre Rank, (L-R)

16. Archie Stevenson - Captain - Quartermaster
17. Doc Cornell - Capt - Dental Officer
18. Don Fairgreaves - Lt - Sigs
19. Jim Cavers - Auxiliary Supervisor
20. Bill McClellan - Lt - Gordon Head together. Now with the "Fighting Canadians"
21. Pete Watkinson - Lt - Probably a Capt now. Back in Canada as instructor
22. George Stiles - Capt - In Canada as an instructor
23. John Kemp - Lt
24. Doug Pedlow - Lt - Gordon Head together
25. Alex Matheson - Capt - Gordon Head together
26. Len Tracey - Lt - one of the originals, came over as NCO - Now with the "Fighting Canadians"
27. Padre Taylor - Capt
28. Doc Hayter - Capt - MO, MC at Dieppe

Front Rank (L-R)

29. Les England - Capt - one of the two or three pre-war SSR NCOs
30. Charlie Doyle - Capt former PPCLI & PAV
31. "Buck" Buchanan - Capt - now at Brigade - Croix de Guerre at Dieppe
32. Frank McDougal - my Coy Commander at the time (the best there was) - now with the "Fighting Canadians"
33. Jack Mather - Major - 2iC of the Regt
34. Lt. Col. Clift - CO of the Regt
35. Major Mathews
36. Pat Adams - Capt (may be Maj now)
37. Len Dickin - Major - my Coy Comd while at 2CIRV
38. Hal Tucker - Capt - former PAV now with "Fighting Canadians"
39. Bill Edmondson - Capt - formerly a PPCLI Sgt Major and landed over here with the advance, advance party very early in the fall of 39. Hasn't been home since either."

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