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Ted Earley obituary

Obituary from the Wadena News

A note from Craig Stewart, executor for the estate of Ted Earley.

From: "craig stewart" mailto:stew1155@mts.net
To: greg@southeast.lib.sk.ca
Subject: William (TED) Earley, SSR
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002

Thank you for the interest in my Uncle Ted.
I was unaware that there was a website for the SSR's or I would have contacted you and provided what I could.
As executor of Ted's estate I followed Ted's wishes and donated many articles to the Wadena Museum.
Among the articles donated were Ted's SSR uniform, medals, and a number of pictures, one picture was of a group picture of Ted's unit. I do remember some sort of document, perhaps his pay book.
The Wadena Museum plans to mount a display of these articles, sometime this year.

Wadena is a small town and most of the townspeople knew Ted, he was a wonderful man. When Ted joined the SSR's he would have resided in the Clair area of Saskatchewan, after the war Ted returned to the Clair area where he farmed, he also operated a plumbing business and a greenhouse in Wadena, before retiring in Wadena. Ted built his own home in the late 70's and took up carpentry as a hobby. Ted built and sold numerous items including grandfather clocks, dining room suites, and assorted tables. Ted was very talented with his hands and was a superior gardener. We are honoured to have several items that he built in our home.
Ted resided at his home in Wadena until shortly before his death.
Ted had a Legion honour guard at his funeral, we were all very moved by the ceremony. The Union Jack draped his coffin and was presented to his sister at the end of the ceremony. Ted never complained about Veteran's Affairs, he was quite pleased with the service they provided. I have spoken with Veteran Affairs a number of times since Ted's passing and found them to be very sympathetic and helpful.

Ted had a great love of family and will be sorely missed, but, fondly remembered.

The items donated to the Wadena Museum are donated exclusively and cannot be reclaimed. The Town of Wadena Museum, 338-3454. Unfortunately I have lost the name and number of the lady I was in contact with at the Museum. Perhaps they could provide you with pictures or scans of the articles donated. If not please contact me and I will see what I can do the next time I'm in Wadena.

If I can be of further assistance please let me know.

Craig Stewart

Wpg, MB

These photos were provided courtesy of the Wadena, Saskatchewan museum, 03Aug2002.

Wadena & District Museum
Box 1208
Wadena, Saskatchewan
S0A 4J0
Phone (306)-338-3454

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Photo Information

ID: 4028
Accession #: 02.03.50
Cat #: 7-5
Category: Photos, Commemorative Prints
Date Recorded: 25-Apr-02
Item Name: Photo- Wm. Edward Earley - L104730
Donor: Earley, Ted Estate of
Location: Archives

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Photo Information

ID: 3985
Accession #:02.03.07
Cat #:7-5
Category: Photos, Commemorative Prints
Date Recorded: 25-Apr-02
Item Name: Photo- #19 Platoon- 4th CoY
Donor: Earley, Ted Estate of
Location: Freight Shed Exhibit

Information On Photo Frame / Captions

No. 19 Platoon - 4 CoY
C.A.(B.)T.C. 120th
Regina, Sask. April, 1943


Back Row - Enns, H. Langmo, W.L. Hollingshead, G.F. Forsyuth, A.N. Dupuis, T.J. May, W.M. Grimes, M.C. Pringle, J. Hanson, E.M. Gervais, G. Folster, L.E.

Third Row - Foster, J.W. Norton, C.L. Fawell, K.L. Pochynuk, R.R. Orthner, A.J. Kapfhamer, L.D.H. Monteith, J.W. Preston, J.E. Kinnon, R.R. Nykolshyn, F.T. Earley, W.E.

Second Row - Kaufman, S.W. May, T.E. Dybvig, G.R. Ens, J. Hastings, J. Lichacz, M.P. Klyne, H. Furniss, D.P. Mann, J. Freethy, E. Rubin, G.J.

(Instructional Staff)

Front Row - L/Cpl. Topping, G.M. Cpl. Lee, G.w. L/Cpl. Paul, S. C.S.M. McIntosh, P.G. Major G. Anderon. Lieut. W.C. White Lieut. J.C. Mehain Sgt. Forsyth, J.H. Cpl. Drescher, J.F. L/Cpl. Andrews, F.S.

Submitted by Lorna Burke:

"Ted went through recruit training in Regina in April 1943 No 19 Platoon 4. The lower picture has a date on it as March 20 1943, and I note he is in battle dress. I like the picture it combines his two worlds - the farm and the war. The larger picture has no date, but on the back it indicates he was Cameron Highlanders later transferring to SSR. I note he is in dress uniform and by magnifying his headdress, it appears to be the cap badge of the Cameron Highlanders, and X with Jesus."

"The farm was in the Claire district, our Grandfather Charles Earley obtained some land through the Dominion Land Grant and the land is described: SW 28 Township 37 Range 15 West 2nd Meridian Ref: Liber: 638, Folio: 500, File reel number: C-6444, Names: Charles Earley

Private Earley in uniform with Cameron Highlanders cap badge. Back of photo reads "Ted with Cameron Highlander Regiment later transferred to South Saskatchewan Regiment

20Mar1943 - Ted in uniform, on the tractor at the farm

20Mar1943 - Ted with horses

Original scan of all three photos

Ted and his mother Eva in 1975 at a family wedding

Ted and his sister Myrtle, 1942

Ted at farm, 1941