Ted Hansley - Photos submitted by his niece Lynn Naegeli

Summary of Ted Hansley's Life

L/Cpl. Edward Burrows ( Ted ) Hansley was born January 16, 1906 in Borden, Saskatchewan, the youngest child of Robert Hansley and Effie Burrows and one of eight children.

Although he was born in Saskatchewan, Ted was raised on the family farm in Manitoba in the small community of Bates near Carman. His father had land in Saskatchewan and Manitobaand the family would often travel between farms. When Ted was two years old, his mother died and his oldest sister, Jane, took on the task of raising the family. She was only 15 at the time. The family was not well off but all were hard workers and well liked in the community.

In the early 1930's, Ted, along with his father, Bob and brother, Bill went to Alberta to work. Ted stayed and the other two went back to Manitoba. Ted ended up in Fort Vermillion where he worked at various jobs, one of which was hauling freight to Hayes Lake for Jimmy Ward. I've talked to a few people up there who remember him as a really nice fellow who loved to dance and lived kids. He was really good with horses and was working as a teamster for Dominion Experimental Farm in Fort Vermillion when he enlisted. On October 29, 1942, Ted enlisted in the army in Edmonton. According to his papers it was with the Canadian Infantry.

On December 24,1942, Ted married Mary Pridie of Peace River. His best friend, Clifford Smith was his best man. Cliff and Ted enlisted at the same time. I've talked to Cliff. He is the only surviving native vet in Fort Vermillion area. On December 15,1943, Ted left Halifax for the United Kingdom, arriving there on December 22, 1943. He stayed there for 6 months and left for France on July 6,1944. He was sent as reinforcement for the South Saskatchewan Regiment and is now in the 2CIRU. On October 27,1944, he was wounded in Kruiningen and on March 9,1945, Ted was killed at Xanten, Germany. He is buried in Groesbeek Canadian war Cemetery in Gelderland, Netherlands.

Ted is honoured in Sk. with a Lake Hansley named for him. The lake is in northern Saskatchewan about 100 miles southeast of Uranium City.

In Fort Vermillion, a new legion was built a few years ago and named Hallet - Hansley Branch #243.



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This is the original Hansley house where Robert Hansley once lived and we think is where Ted's mother died.Ted was raised here along with his other siblings for a few years and then moved to his sister, Jane's farm after her marriage to Alexander Dunn. Jane married in 1914 but he died in 1918, leaving her with 2 babies and her younger siblings.

The house was built on NW 5-7-4 and was originally a log structure. It still stands today.

Ted went received his education at Forest School #202 which was located on land donated by jane's father-in-law, George Dunn. He went as far as Grade 7 and then went to work, probably as a farm hand in the area.

He was very close to his brother, Norman, who was only 1 yr. older than himself and probably spent part of his life living on/near Norman's farm in Roseisle, Manitoba. There is a war memorial on the main street of Roseisle with his name inscribed on it.

Roseisle is a small hamlet just west of Carman and is pretty much a dead town now, at least compared to what it use to be in the 1930's and 1940's.

I will try to get some photos of Carman and Roseisle for you soon.

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