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Cecil Law also created all the casualty lists on this web site.

2005 Holland Trip

Notes on 20Jul1944

Map relating to 20Jul1944

Dieppe Raid, 19Aug1942 - 19 photographs on German film, with notes by Cec Law

Wedding photo - Law/Gommers, 25JUN45, Nijmegen, Holland. Annie Gommers, Gerarda Law-Gommers, Wilhelmina Gommers

Lt. Steve Meszaros, (Gen List) (KIA, SSR, 28AUG44.), Lt. C.E. Law, Seaforths)JUL44.

Cousins of mine in Sheffield, Mother and daughter, SEP?42.

My Dad's English Billet, London, Jun44

Lt.Cec.E. Law, (Seaforths of C.) Sgt A.D. Law, (Father) (Seaforths of C, att. CMHQ) London, JUN44.

My Dad and English Billets, London, JUN44

English WAAF girlfriend, JUL44

Lt. C.E.Law, (Seaforths) London, JUN44?

Dad, Sgt. A.D. Law, (Seaforths) London, JUN44 Attached CMHQ

Dad, Sgt. A.D. Law, (Seaforths) London, JUN44

Officers barracks, somewhere on south coast of England. Early JUL44.

Lt. Bunny?????(Sorry) S.O.E. (I didn't know until later.) AUG44 I don't know what happened to her, but she was dropped in.

Dad, Sgt. A.D. Law, (Seaforths) Att CMHQ, JUN44.

Officer's Barracks, CTS, JUL-AUG44

Capt. C.E.Law, SSR, and local Dutch girl, Cuijk, Holland, 23DEC44

A little Belgian Boy from Contich, Belgium (Rest area) 19-22SEP44

Gerry Gommers, (Now Mrs. C.E. Law) 2JAN45

L/Cpl Eric Emperingham(my driver), Kisko (DR) SSR, Apr45, Sandhatten, Germany.

One of the Mortar Pl., Sandhatten? Apr45

Sgt. Bill Shavliuk, Bennie Benoit, Eric Emperingham, Mortars, NOV44, Mook, Holland.

Mortar Position, cooking dinner, Reichswald near Mook, Holland. NOV44

The Mortar Pl. Cwt., called "Shellshock, for obvious reasons. "Porky Reid, driver, "Trixie" (mascot) Sgt. Geo Clark, Pl. Sgt, near Malden, Holland.

SSR 6 Pdr A-Tk Detachment, Reichswald above Mook. FEB45. I have no idea who they are now.

Sgt. Bill McLavish, & Pte. ??. Mortars. FEB45?? Moyland Hts??

Pte. George?, Moyland Hts, late Feb45

Sgt. McLavish, ??, Pte. Mackie, ??, Whistle in front. No 1 Sec., Moyland Hts. Feb45

My uncle, Gnr. Bill law, (2nd A-Tk Regt RCA) and Capt C.E. Law, Mook, Holland, 27Nov44 (My 22nd birthday). (I already had 4.5 years in.)

Capt. Cec Law, Cpl Wedmedyk, I Sec.), Groesbeek, Holland, Nov or Dec44.

Gnr Bill Law, (2nd A-Tk Regt RCA), Mook, 27Nov44

CSM Stan Phillips, 27Nov44. It really was cold! -30 C. Mook, Holland.

Getting ready for 8Feb45 big push. Nijmegen, Holland. Muddy!

Pl. Sgt. Geo. Clark, Mortar Pl. 22Feb45, Moyland Heights.

Capt. Cec Law, Heights above Moyland Wood.

Cousin, daughter, and husband, Sheffield, Aug or Sep42.

Cooking dinner. Heights above Moyland Wood. 23Feb45

Writing home before Operation "Blockbuster" (Calcar Heights) Feb 45.

Pte. Whistle having fun (age 19 or so) Feb45.

Motors playing volleyball. AA in the background, German jets above. Feb45

Mortars getting ready to fire on a surprise breakthrough. Moyland Heights. Feb45.

"Porky" Reid washing clothes the easy way! Mortars, Moyland Heights, late Feb45.

Eric Emperingham gets a haircut. Bill McLavish was a real barber in civilian life. Groningen, Holland, 26Apr45.

Mortars in position to fire. Groningen, 25Apr45.

Four Groningen girls. Now in their late 70s!

Mortars ready to fire. Groningen. 25Apr45.

My cousin's husband. Sheffield, Aug/Sep42.

Cpl. Henk Hildebrand. Mortars, Apr45.

Tom Hart, Mortar Pl., Apr45.

Cpl. Henk Hildebrand, Mortars, Apr45. Spring has sprung!

Mortar Pl. shots. Mook area. Nov44.

Gnr. Bill Law, 2nd Anti Tk Regt. RCA. 27Nov44

I believe this is Wes ?, Signaller, Mortar Pl., Mook, early Nov44, In our dugout.

CSM Stan Phillips. With finger on the thermometer. -30 C !

Lt. Steve Meszaros. London? Jun44. (Or Yorkshire!?) Steve was KIA, SSR, 28Aug44.

Lt. Steve Meszaros, London, Jun44.

Somewhere in England, Jun44.

Lt. Cec Law, (Seaforths) England, Jun?44, soon to go to France.

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