Photos and other content held at Signal Hill, Weyburn

Under the direction of Major C. Keith Inches, CD (Retired) - Custodian, Saskatchewan Military Museum, The Armoury, Regina; and with the help of Gordon Goddard; Marie Rusk - data input/inventory scribe/museum guide and all around helper; and Morley Bugues - photographer/inventory scribe/display preparer and encapsulator; inventory of content held at Signal Hill began 09Mar2003. Content located there includes memoriabilia, photos, collages, maps, newspaper articles, posters, uniforms, medals, knives, a sword, currency, and other articles.

The goal of this inventory is to create a list of items held at Signal Hill. The items will remain on location in Weyburn. The list will be available at the Armoury in Regina and online at this web site.

It is expected the inventory will take a number of weeks to complete.

At recent SSR Association reunions, one at Langley, BC, and at Weyburn, SK, interest was expressed in the content located at Signal Hill and in the care and preservation of that content.

On 09Mar2003 138 images were scanned by GC Salmers. As additional scanning is done entries for these clusters of images will also be made below.

-GC Salmers, 09Mar2003

09Mar2003 scans - 138 images

10Mar2003 digital camera images of Signal Hill exterior, interior

GCS/gs 14Mar2013