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PT Maule co-founded this web site, and was the acknowledged historian of the SSR



SSR scans - 17,30Mar, 03Apr2001

1 Anniversary cards
2 Major John Edmondson, Major George Colgate, 1985
3 Dorothy and Guy Ludgate Scotland 1965
4 Guy Ludgate in Amersfoort, Holland, 1945 after VE Day with friend
5 Guy Ludgate in Scotland
6 Guy Ludgate in Canada
7 EC (Chicken) Chatlain joined up with Guy, friend of Guy's
8 Nickey Wallace, friend of Guy's
9 L106043 Roderick A McNeil 18 Platoon KIA 20-7-1944 "Cape Breton Kid"
10 Harry Burke
11 Harry Dorwood and Bill (W.A.) Maule D.O.W. s
12 Canadian War Cemetery, Groesbeek, The Netherlands, 04May1999
13 Estevan memorial
14 Weyburn memorial
15 Tom "BIC" Bickerton deceased 2Aug98
16 Guy Ludgate deceased 6Oct98
17 Capt C.E. Law i/c 3" Mortars Xanten-Germany
18 Lieut Maurice Phillips(Maury)
19 Tom Blackwood-POW Wpg. Grenediers Hong Kong 12-25-41
20 Len Kempton-KIA Dieppe Raid Pourville 8-19-42
21 Foret de La Londe BHQ in Quary 28Aug44
22 BHQ Cmd Vehicle 29Aug44 Major E.W. Thomas A/CO - S.Sask. R.
23 Len Tracy Vic Schubert before obtaining commission
24 Aub Frederickson, Ed Dunkerly(RSM of Regiment when WW2 declared), Len Tracy before obtaining commission
25 Murl Stevens
26 Eric Emperingham
27 Butch-stray dog
28 Sidney BC Memorial 1992
29 Guy Ludgate 1992
30 Nieuwpoort Belgium plaque
31 Lt. Fred Propp KIA night of 19/20Dec 1944 Groesbeek Night Fighting Patrol
32 Civilian cemetery at Groesbeek, The Netherlands, with girl's convent in background, 1985
33 Butch-stray dog
34 September 12, 1999, Adegem Belgium
35 Col. Merritt VC, P.T. Maule, Sidney Cenotaph, 1992
36 Major Lefty White 1992 at age 90 years, 1992 "The Orator"
37 Barbara Lawrence, widow of Gge Lawrence accompanied by Herb Rohs laying wreath for Widows 1992
38 Col.Merritt and Peter T. Maule(at that time President of BC Division), Sidney 1992
39 H.M.S. Princess Beatrix photo of painting owned by Jack Brigden, RNVR who served on BEATRIX when she carred the Regiment on Dieppe Raid
40 SSR Embarkation March 1940
41 SSR Weyburn May 1940
42 SSR Weyburn May 22 1940
43 SSR Embarkation May 1940
44 SSR Weyburn November 1939
45 17 Plt Front Row, left to right, Ryrse, Coleman, Nilsson, Lt. Propp, McTavish, Back Row Rosen, Wostradowski, Yakubowich, Oakes, Whitman, Lemarquand, MM, Langille, Maubert, MM. Lt. Propp KIA 19/20Dec44 "Operation Dynamite" LeMarquand & Maubert awarded the MM for the actions during "Dynamite" photo courtesy of Shorty LeMarquand
46 SSR Insignia
47 "Still able to play them. Started on trumpet at age 7. My father was a Trumpet Major, Royal Scots Greys." - PT Maule
48 1915 gas attack plaque.
49 Capt. Murray Osten
50 Dundurn, Saskatchewan, 1937 - Taken by Art Charnell of Weyburn.Front Row left to right - Devine, McCutcheon, McRae, Kempton, Wright, Osler, Kjer, Steele. Middle Row - Pedlar, Osten, Wilkinson, Bethell, Hart, Lowe(ey), White, Matthews, Adams. 3rd Row - Wells, Mather, Trayner, Stephens, Huculak.
51 1937 - Capt. White - "Lefty White" - "The Orator"
52 Norman Mycock - hanging the washing on the Seigfried Line
53 SSR Embartion May 1940
54 December 1939 - in front of SSR office in Weyburn
55 Vancouver Police "Mounted Squad" 01Oct1948 -01Oct1954 At Vancouver Police Stables. Just as the person snapped the photo, a person standing to the right front had a paper bag in his hand, Lancer heard the sound - and thought he was going to get a treat - and turned his head!

Additional Scans - May 2001

6th Brigade, 2nd Division, at Camp Shilo, Manitoba, Canada - Fort Garry Horse
6th Brigade, 2nd Division, at Camp Shilo, Manitoba, Canada - Calgary Highlanders, 1940
6th Brigade, 2nd Division, at Camp Shilo, Manitoba, Canada - SSR
6th Brigade, 2nd Division, at Camp Shilo, Manitoba, Canada - Camerons of Canada - Officers
6th Brigade, 2nd Division, at Camp Shilo, Manitoba, Canada - tents
6th Brigade, 2nd Division, at Camp Shilo, Manitoba, Canada - Officer lines
6th Brigade, 2nd Division, at Camp Shilo, Manitoba, Canada - Fort Garry Horse - Brigade HQs - 1940
6th Brigade, 2nd Division, at Camp Shilo, Manitoba, Canada - Officer lines
6th Brigade, 2nd Division, at Camp Shilo, Manitoba, Canada - tent lines
6th Brigade, 2nd Division, at Camp Shilo, Manitoba, Canada - Calgary Highlanders, May-June 1940
6th Brigade, 2nd Division, at Camp Shilo, Manitoba, Canada - Queens Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada
6th Brigade, 2nd Division, at Camp Shilo, Manitoba, Canada - South Saskatchewan Regiment
B Company in England - right side of photograph
B Company in England - left
Andrew Russel Hunt - KIA Verrieres 20Jul44
W.L. (Stoney) Stonehouse
Pte. Alf Holmstrom
P.T. Maule, Fred Dellow, Aub Frederickson, Tom Bickerton
Bill D Greenbank at 1989 reunion
Paul and Joan Delorme at 1989 reunion
NC Goodman at 1992 Sidney reunion
John Edmondson at 1989 reunion
Pipe band at 1989 reunion
Arch Stephenson
Eagles Hall - Duncan, 1989 reunion
Verrieres sign post
Les Robertson, "B" Company - photo taken in hospital
RJ Mathers and Jean, Aug. 14, 1940
Pat and Jane Adams
Lloyd Stewart
RS Wells
Alf Coxford February 16, 1941
Padre G. Gordon Walker, M.I.D.
Major Claude Orme and Marion, 1940
Pourville - Green Beach, 50th Anniversary, 19Aug1992
Joe MacDonald
Canadian War Cemetery, Groesbeek, The Netherlands
Paul Delorme, Murray Osten, Ed Dunkerly, Fred James
Halifax, June 20, 1945. What a Day! Murray Osten, Jameson, Gibson, "Lefty" White
The Wicked Six - Len Kempton, Cliff Smith, Bill Cunningham, Ted Miller, V.H. Conn, "Buck" Buchanan
Langley Reunion - July 12, 1997
Captain Stephenson
Bergen op Zoom cemetery, Holland, 1960.
"Merritt" bridge
The Battle of Bourguebus Ridge Map - 18-21Jul1944
Ed. Dunkerly, "Shelly" Schellenberg, Langley, 1997
Fred Dellow
George Ottenbreit
Westerbork Detention Camp/Camp Westerbork, October 1945 - One of Anne Frank's last stops
Major "Buck" Buchanan - Westerbork area, Holland
Art Fisher
Hank Forness
FJ Middlemiss - 2nd youngest in regiment!
PT Maule at grave of Harry Elam of Regina, KIA 25Feb45
Hank Forness - Parade Commander - July, 1989 - Duncan, BC
Cecil Merritt
SSR Reunion - Duncan, BC, 1989
SSR Reunion - Duncan, BC, 1989
Antelope - the SSR newsletter - cover - 3rd edition, 1998
Antelope - the SSR newsletter - cover - July 1996
Gunner PT Maule in Esquimault, British Columbia. December, 1939, garrison officer's mess, Work Point Barracks.
1934 - Three trumpeters, one family: Thomas G. Maule, Peter T. Maule, William A. Maule

Officers - 1940-1941

1 Bill Cunningham, Weyburn
2 Don. He's transferred to the Ordinance
3 Jack Hirsch
4 J. Price, Paymaster
5 Berwick
6 Creighton
7 Hart, Mather, White, Osler, McTavish, Wright, Orme, Millions
8 Denholme, Dentist
9 Elmer "Lefty" White with his Lieut. Ron Wilkinson, February 1941.
10 Ron
11 Jim Watson, gone home again
12 Brig. Gen. F.A. Clift was our CO LT COL when going over to Normandy
13 Lieut Fritz
14 Major McCrae
15 Capt Jardine
16 Lieut Maurice Phillips(Maury)

More scans - June 12, 2001

1 Picture of Battle of Xanten
2 Oil painting of SSR Cap Badge
3 Napkin made by Cpl Alf Coxford while in Stalag 8b

More scans - June 19, 2001

1 The Black Watch raising the flag - properly dressed
2 "Ludgate" at rear of girl's convent in Grosbeek
3 Rear entrance to girl's convent
4 Lt. O.J. Kheer
5 Lt. Aub Frederickson - 1942
6 Sgt. T. Harrison, Cpl. Bill Sacmond, driver ? - Photo of Painting in Estevan Legion
7 Roads below Verrierre Ridge - July 1949
8 The Closing of the Falaise Gap
9 Operation "Totalize", 7-10 August 1944

22 June 2001 Scans

1 Second Canadian Infantry Division in Dieppe
2 Maj. Bill Edmondson; Lt. Freddy Propp; Pte Yakubouchi; CSM Gunga Dean; Lt. Lavire; Pte Hadden; Sgt Guy Ludgate; Joe Clifton
3 The Antelope - the Regimental Magazine of the South Saskatchewan Regiment - 1999 Groningen
4 The Antelope - the Regimental Magazine of the South Saskatchewan Regiment - 1998
5 The Antelope - the Regimental Magazine of the South Saskatchewan Regiment - 1999 Saskatchewan
6 The Antelope - the Regimental Magazine of the South Saskatchewan Regiment - 2000

20 July 2001 Scans

1 Cap badge and trumpet
2 Lt. W.L. Brown - 24 July 44
3 Maj. L.L. Dickin
4 Dickin Lake, named after Maj. L.L. Dickin
5 Parade in Weyburn, 1939
6 Victoria Cross recipient Christmas card - 1991
7 Inside of 1991 V.C. Recipient Christmas card
8 Victoria Cross recipient Christmas card - 1995
9 Inside of 1995 V.C. Recipient Chrstimas card
10 Inside fold-out of 1995 V.C. recipient Christmas card

28 Aug 2001 Scans

1 Edmund Marriott, 1993 - Ex. Captain, SSR. Reverend "Ted" Marriott; served many years as Man of the Cloth.
2 E.H. "Ted" Marriott, Joined 16th Canadian Scottish 1940, transferred to SSR June, 1940.

13 Sep 2001 Scans

1 Photo taken in the fall of 1939. Left to Right: Front Row; unknown, unknown, Jake Wetch, unknown, J.C. Jim Blencowe, Jimmy MacDonald, unknown, unknown. Middle Row; Alex MacDonald, Mike Dzuba, Frank Nieviadomy, unknown, unknown, unknown. Back Row; Jack Watchman, unknown, unknown, J.A. "Red" Warrow, unknown, unknown. Two members wearing Weyburn Regiment Cap Badge, remainder wearing Saskatchewan Border Regiment Badge.

09 Oct 2001 Scans

1 The story of K-2604 Pte Martin S.C. Coen.
2 Dieppe Dinner and Dance, Otter Club, Hilversum, Holland, 19Aug1945
3 Dieppe Dinner and Dance, Otter Club, Hilversum, Holland, 19Aug1945
4 Dieppe Dinner and Dance, Otter Club, Hilversum, Holland, 19Aug1945
5 Dieppe Dinner and Dance, Otter Club, Hilversum, Holland, 19Aug1945
6 Dieppe Dinner and Dance, Otter Club, Hilversum, Holland, 19Aug1945
7 Back in England - Day after Dieppe Raid
8 Day after Dieppe Raid - all that remains of B Company
9 Knocked out tank - somewhere in Germany...note painted trees - with American soldier?
10 Somewhere in the prairies
11 1938 1939 - Members of the Weyburn Regiment in World War I uniforms
12 Unidentified location, personnel
13 Unidentified location, personnel
14 Unidentified location, personnel
15 Squadron-Leader George St.-Clair Boyd REID
16 Lieut. S.D. Jamieson

29 Nov 2001 Scans

1 German soldiers with prisoners sitting - Dieppe, 19 August 1942
2 German soldiers with wounded prisoners walking - Dieppe
3 German soldiers with wounded prisoners walking - Dieppe
4 German soldiers with prisoners marching - Dieppe, 19 August 1942
5 Strand von Dieppe, 19 August 1942
6 German soldiers with allied tank
7 Tank and ruined buildings
8 German officer, soldier with allied tank and wounded lying on ground, Dieppe, 19 August 1942
9 Ball Team - 1941

02Jul2002 Content

Star City article about Lieut. Robert Andrew Woolard - received from Bob Woolard

26Jul2002 Scans

02Aug2002 Scans

19Aug2002 Scans

02Mar2003 Scans - New computer, Medals, Dieppe

14Mar2003 Scans - Normandie, BSA bike restored

14Mar2003 Scans - 01Sep45 Feestviering at Soesterberg Airfield courtesy Sgt. Mel "Shorty" LeMarquand, MM.

24Mar2003 Scans - Ted Colgate - Accomplished Athlete Had A Passion For Golf

24Mar2003 Scans - Hitler Stamps

21Oct2003 Content

2005 Content

Foręt de La Londe - France Photos by Olivier Richard.

1. Postwar Photo - I was living out near he Vancouver Air Port. (Richmond) had five acres of property, Model A Coupe, and drove 15 miles to west side of Vancouver where Police Stables were located. Was a bit on the skinny side (still getting over my overseas "tour").
2. Gunners Photo - Guys with no forage caps are senior gunners in this group. Fellows with head gear joined before War started. One with X left hand is an old friend (still living) who I see at least once a month - and on 17th September every year - we visit the old Permanent Forts at MacAully. He and I are the only two left from this group of Gunners. I'm the one with II on his left hand. P-7521.

Tapestry listing Dieppe Prisoners of War
Point 67 - from here Verrieres Ridge can be seen in the distance.
Brass bracelet - with enscribed name: L-91621 D.F. MASSON, with Artillery Crest. On reverse side is inscripotion: "Love from Eleanor". Records show he was Taken on Strength 20 October 44 during the Scheldt, and was killed on 26 October while crossing Zuid Beveland Canal, along with three others who had been T.O.S. same date, and who had also been reinforcements from Artillery. Buried in Bergen Op Zoom - Home town: Moosomin, Sask

Cap Badge - Painting by CM Mapleton.

2006 Content

Drum Squad, with Drum Major, Antelope with handler.

"Report No.69" Historical Section (GS), Army HQs . Deals with NW Europe Campaign - Part lll German Defence Operations 23 Aug - 09 Nov 1944 is quite interesting as it gives the German side of Battle Foret de La Londe through to the day we arrived in MOOK

Photo of Sgt Lew Osborne August 1945 - when Regiment was in Amersfoort, Holland, awaiting their trip back to Blighty, and then on home to Canada.

Report No. 116. Historical Officer. Canadian Military Headquarters. 10May1944. Operation "Jubilee" The Raid on Dieppe, 19Aug42. Additional Information from German Sources.

REPORT NO. 183 Historical Section. Canadian Military Headquarters. Canadian Participation in the Operations in North West Europe, 1944. Part IV: First Canadian Army in the Pursuit (23 Aug - 30 Sep).

REPORT NO. 42 HISTORICAL SECTION (G.S.). ARMY HEADQUARTERS. 6 Jun 51. The Preliminary Planning for Operation "OVERLORD": Some Aspects of the Preparations for an Allied Re-entry to North-West Europe, 1940-1944.

Interview of Major J.E. McRae, SSR -Dieppe RAID

Report No. 72 (dated 3 Jun 42) HISTORICAL OFFICER, CANADIAN MILITARY HEADQUARTERS, Situation of the Canadian Forces in the United Kingdom, Spring, 1942: III. Position and Roles of Canadian Forces

Second World War Deception Lessons Learned for Today’s Joint Planner. Donald J. Bacon. Major, USAF. Air Command and Staff College. Wright Flyer Paper No. 5

THE PRINCE SHIPS 1940-1945 CFHQ REPORT NUMBER 5. 31 Oct 65. [366 PAGES, The Princes, David, Henry and Robert]

Operation "VERITABLE": The Winter Offensive R E P O R T N O. 185. HISTORICAL SECTION. CANADIAN MILITARY HEADQUARTERS. 5 Nov 48 Operation "VERITABLE": The Winter Offensive. Between the Maas and the Rhine, 8 - 25 Feb 45.

Operation "GOLDFLAKE". REPORT NO 181. HISTORICAL SECTION. CANADIAN MILITARY HEADQUARTERS. Operation "GOLDFLAKE", the Move of 1 Cdn Corps from Italy to North-West Europe, February-March 1945.


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