This section displays content submitted by soldiers, or most often, content submitted by their families. Here you will find photographs, memorabilia, letters, paybooks, and other items preserved to show the life of men before, during and after their service. Sometimes the content includes gravestone images and other details which document the final resting place of soldiers killed in action.

Note: There are 678 soldiers' photos in the listing under Weyburn Legion Hall, below. This is the greatest concentration of SSR soldiers' pictures on the Internet. Please help us bring the history of these men and women to life. If you know them, are family perhaps, and have content you would like to share online in their honour, contact the SSR Webmaster. We will make it happen!

For students of history or those who wish to understand the circumstances of a soldier's fate and experience, this entire website is designed to help you. The War Diary will tell you what the regiment was doing on a given date, perhaps the day on which a soldier became a casualty. The Nominal Roll will help confirm for you if one of your family members or loved ones served with the South Saskatchewan Regiment, and if so, their service number is coded to describe where they enlisted. In the Links section you will find the links by which you may obtain the service record for a family member. The service record will tell you in detail what that soldier did and when and where. In concert, the Nominal Roll, War Diary, Service Record, and the content below will give you a set of facts about a given soldier's life before, during, and after service.

Any soldier or their friends, family, or loved ones who wish to submit content in their honour, are welcome to contact the SSR Webmaster Greg Salmers.

All content here belongs to the families and soldiers involved. Please respect them by asking permission, through the webmaster, if you intend to use any content here for another purpose. Students may simply include the citation or other bibliographic reference to this web site expected by your teacher or course.

Abbott, Bob. Correspondence between veterans & students in Etten, The Netherlands.

Allan, Capt. John Joseph - submitted by his son John Allan - May 2001.

Baldry, John A, - Images submitted by Baldry family via Stan Baldry, 3 Oct 2005.

Bannatyne, A.C., - June 2001.

Beairsto, William C, - April, 2018. Submitted by Skip Beairsto.

Beatrix, HMS Princess - Landing Ship for the Dieppe Raid - A tribute inspired by Modeler Peter Lee

Beggs, Samuel E., - Submitted by Hayley Parsons. 20Feb2022.

Berger, Adolph "Al" - submitted by his son Brian Berger - October 2001.

Berry, J.A. - submitted by his son Walter Berry - February 2017.

Boechler, Greogory Matthew - obituary submitted by his great-niece Georgina Korte, B.A., ARTS - August, 2008.

Bonnett, Harold - from his book "An Erk among the Elks" about SFTS #38, Estevan.

Bore, Lieutenant Francis J. - submitted by his grandson Mark Bore.

Bourassa, Clarence - see book by his son Rollie Bourassa.

Bowman, Cecil R. - submitted by his son Brian Bowman.

Boyer, Mary Rose - niece of veteran Walter Raymond Blondeau.

Braley, Russell

Brennand, George - submitted by Frances Stonehouse.

Campbell, Paul - the nephew of veteran Lloyd Rayuk Campbell.

Campbell, Samuel - Great Uncle of Jackie Wilson

Carratt, George Frederick - provided by his family

Clarke, Charles Wilmot - a son in Holland? - Barbara G. Clarke

Clarke, Frederick Edsall - RCAF Mustang pilot, 414 Army Cooperation Squadron - saved by SSR? - Ian Clarke

C.W.M. St-Germaine

Coldwell, James William - provided by his son Bill Coldwell

Corson, William - an enquiry by a student. See main nominal roll under erronious "Coreem"

Crook, Elmer Norman - honoured by his grandson Jeff Kirby.

Cundall, Tom. Correspondence between veterans & students in Etten, The Netherlands.

de Vries Robles, Virry - Camp Westerbork Survivor - do you know the canadian soldier she met and helped her?

Dickin, Lt Glenn D (WW2) & Dickin, Donald Dodsworth (WW1)- submitted by Dolores Hatch

Dornian, John. Correspondence between veterans & students in Etten, The Netherlands.

Douglas, Tommy C - initiated by Dolores Hatch

Dryden, Denise - daughter of veteran Ed Walton, niece of Ernie Beggs, SSR veteran.

Dunand, Marcel - provided by his nephew Pierre Dunand.

Earley, William Edward (Ted) - provided by his family.

Edmondson, Douglas - son of J.S. Edmondson.

Elliott, John Earnest - a request for help.

Enmark, Bill.

Frecon, Marcel.

Gagnon, Gaudiose et Jules-Alphonse - Soumissions par Agathe Gagnon

Gard, Edwin - 426323, 46th South Saskatchewan Battalion, WWI - submitted by grandson Jim Gard

Garvin, Alfred E. - submitted by Terry Garvin, his son.

Gentles, Captain Thomas Patrick - submitted by his neice Geraldine Gentles Manzara

Germiquet, John Henry - Serial Number TBC - submitted by Mikael Germiquet, his son.

Gervais, Joseph. Correspondence between veterans & students in Etten, The Netherlands.

Gochee, Wilson Neil. M-8234. Submitted by Maureen Riddle.

Guenther, Peter L-12410 - Great uncle of Darryl Schmidt

Hansley, Ted - Images, Service Record, submitted by niece Lynn Naegeli

Harty, Bernard Patrick - Submitted by the Harty sisters , Memories & Compositions

Heidrick, Peter - submitted by his nephew Heidrick, Barry - October 2001.

Hitchcock, Cec. Correspondence between veterans & students in Etten, The Netherlands.

Hoffart - submitted by his daughter Cindy Bourassa - July 2009.

Honeychurch, Wilfred - submitted by his son Don Honeychurch - February 2013.

Huot, Joseph Cleophase Marcel - submitted by his grandaughter Caroline Lafontaine - April 2010.

Jabusch, George - submitted by his daughter Debbie McPhalen - 30Oct2005.

Jarvis, Dave - submission about Langley reunion - 20Jul2002

Jensen, C.S.M.L. - submitted by his son Dennis Jensen - March 2002.

Keating, Ron, content on Dieppe Dinner and Dance celebration invitation - Hilversum, Holland, 19Aug1945

Kingsley, Alfred, Lt - submitted by his son, Roger Kingsley.

Kish, Paul - December 2015.

Knight, Don. Correspondence between veterans & students in Etten, The Netherlands.

Laird, James Wilson. Submitted by family member Stu Laird.

Law, Cecil - May 2001.

LeBreton, Jean-Baptiste - November 2006.

Lee, Ivan G. Pte D-143578 - February 2022 - Submitted by his nephew Rod Lee

Lincoln, Harold Lorne - January 2014.

Lundahl - The curious case of the Quesnel and the Thunderbird Totem.

MacDermott, Private Michael Joseph.

MacDonald, Roger Donald - submitted by her neice, Ellen Rowe.

Mackie, H. de F. - March 2018 - request for help submitted by Nancy Josland Dalsin, Mackie Lake House, BC.

Maloney, James Joseph - September 2005 - submitted by Marc Aken of Etten, Holland.

Maloney, James Joseph - January 2010 - submitted by Katie Maloney-Buchanan, his neice.

Mather, Jack R. - May 2006 - submitted by his son-in-law Dave Bird

Maule, Peter T. - March 2001.

McArthur, Edward, Private - honoured by his granddaughter, Elaine McArthur.

McRae, James Earl, Major - honoured by his grandson, Jeff Alexander.

Mitchell, WJA - July 2013.

Muth, Ervin - Submitted by Kim Huvenaars, research team member , Faces to (Canadian War) Graves Foundation, Groesbeek, The Netherlands.

Morris, Bernie - submitted by him about Murray Osten and GW Mann, both POWs.

Nieviadomy, Agnes and Ruth, SSR widows, April 2001.

Nesbitt, Jack - submitted by his wife Vera Nesbitt - August 2002.

Okrainetz - December 2015.

O'Neill, Corporal Bernard Michael, M.M. - submitted by Leslie Nicholl. 11 Nov 2005

Orme, Major Claude - submitted by Douglas Orme, grand uncle - 03Dec2001

Patton, Robert - submitted by his son-in-law Keith Picard.

Parsons, Pam - World War One framed plaque.

Payne, A.E. - A Soldier's Diary; poetry and other items from 1896 - December 2015.

Phillips, Private Howard - submitted by Mrs. Phillips, his wife.

Piasetzki, James Carmen, L-12294 - submitted by Greg Piasetzki, his son.

Piest, John - resident of The Netherlands

Pinkney, Charles Frederick - as submitted by his daughter Diane Vogel

Prefontaine, George Emile - submitted by his son Darren Prefontaine.

Prellwitz, William - submitted by his son Dennis Pervis.

Pritchard, Pte. William David - submitted by his niece June Bates.

Propp, Lt. Fred. - submitted by Angela Pound, his daughter - May, 2005.

Ring, Frederick Wilfred, Sgt. - by G.W. Goode, Secretary, The Royal British Legion, Branch 3377

Robinson, Dave - May 2001. See also: Correspondence between veterans & students in Etten, The Netherlands.

Rusk, Don.

Salmers, GC - photos submitted by him from various sources.

Saver, Burton - Wounded 13Oct1944- submitted by his son, Dan Saver

Sawden, Charles Edward Killed - Dieppe - 19Aug42 - submitted by Garry

Schaffer, Anton A. - submitted by his son, Jeff Schaffer

Schoofs, Wally - resident of The Netherlands - 10Jan2002.

Sells, Richard V. - submitted by his nephew, Dennis R. Sells

Signal Hill content, Weyburn, Saskatchewan - 09Mar2003

Smith, Pam - Seeking SSR Soldier who is her Father - Sunderland, England, 1945. - 02Apr2016

Souvie, AG., Pte. - L86692 - 19Feb2022

Stewart, 2nd Lieutenant James Murray - 14Nov2005 - Submitted by Judith Stewart.

Sutherland, W.M. (Bill) - 2001. See also: Correspondence between veterans & students in Etten, The Netherlands.

Symons, George. Correspondence between veterans & students in Etten, The Netherlands.

Taylor, Hon. Captain Rev. Rupert Leslie - submitted by Hugh David Taylor.

Taylor, Les Y. - submitted by Tom Rodger, his brother-in-law - 13Sep2001.

Thiessen, John A. - submitted by his grandson Geoff Thiessen - 13Apr2013.

Vogel, Chester Kenneth.

Wallace, T. Don - submitted by Donna Kranyak, his daughter

Wanner, Joe - submitted by Shauna Westling on behalf of Erna Wanner, his wife

Weyburn Legion Hall - 678 soldiers' photographs

Witko, Kasmir Peter - submitted by Ray Witko, his son

Woolard, Robert Allan - submitted by Bob Woolard, his uncle - 15Nov2001.

Wright, Dr. JE, CO - submitted by Catherine Wilson, his daughter

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